Liar! [x8]

No. Just no.

I’d heard tales of “Crunkcore”–a fusion of Crunk Rap and Screamo that supposedly sounded like Satanic auto-tuned dwarves making love atop a titanium porcupine coated in poison oak… but not even that could have prepared me for…

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great hesitation I present to you:




If you ever wanted to know what  (T-Pain + Lil Jon) (Alexisonfire + Bullet For My Valentine) sounded like… then you really shouldn’t be reading this blog. Go. Leave.

This song was so painful I listened to The Used afterward and it was an IMPROVEMENT.

One Response to “Liar! [x8]”

  1. david gilman Says:

    It’s not stupid, its how you get girls brah.

    Also I can’t believe you haven’t started a blog before, you’ve been criticizing retarded pop culture as long as I’ve known you and we last had a class together 4 years.

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